The Mindful Multitasker Bundle (Planner + Cards)


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This bundle offer includes The Multitasker Planner with color pages and the Cool. Calm. Collected. mindfulness card collection at a discounted rate!

The Multitasker Planner is the perfect planner for full-time entrepreneurs and corporate professionals that balance social activities and entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s the undated planner for people trying to excel in their career, maintain a social life, eat right, exercise, text everyone back, stay sane, survive, and be happy.

  • Black and White: Interior pages of this version printed in black and white only
  • Balance Your Life: Tired of double booking your schedule? Staying organized has never been easier – the daily agenda pages feature agenda space, to-do lists, meal planner, affirmation, and gratitude statements.
  • Boost Your Productivity: Use the goal-setting pages to outline your annual, quarterly, and monthly goals for the year. Once the month, quarter, and year-end, be sure to answer the reflection questions to better prepare you to successfully progress in your goals.
  • Great To Start Any Time: The daily planner is undated, so you can make each day count & start getting rid of that procrastination today, no more wasting time!
  • Celebrate the Wins!: The Multitasker Planner features “A Year of Wins,” space for you to record small wins and big wins from each month. At the end of the year, reflect on your successes and celebrate YOU. You can also use these reminders to overcome imposter syndrome should it ever try to creep up on you.

Get an inside look at The Multitasker Planner with these VIDEOS!


Cool. Calm. Collected. are a collection of mindfulness cards designed to settle the anxious mind and body. Each card has an affirmation on one side and an action to help bring the affirmation to life on the other side. Each deck of cards comes complete with three colors representing the Cool. Calm. and Collected. categories.

Cool. – Free From Tension (Body): The Cool. cards are designed to help release tension from the body.

Calm. – Free From Overwhelm (Mind): The Calm. cards are designed to quiet the mind and help bring peace.

Collected. – Free From Fear (Soul): The Collected. cards are designed to keep you moving forward.

Each deck of 54 cards comes with a silk bag to keep them organized in your home.


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