The Multitasker Content Planner (Digital Download)



The Multitasker Digital Content Planner by Hey, it’s Bry! is your golden ticket to creative content on social media and better batching!

Staying consistent on social media doesn’t have to be hard, scary, frustrating, or feel like a chore. With The Multitasker Digital Content Planner, you will learn to map out your content in a way that helps to take the guesswork out of posting on social media. You will also have dedicated space to batch your content and plan ahead for your brand’s digital marketing efforts. Not only will this resource support your brand, but it will also support the enhancement of time balance in your life and free up more time for you to do other things that make you happy.

Planning Sections Include:

  • Social Media Content Buckets
  • Social Media Content Types
  • Social Media Content Schedule
  • Social Media Post Planner
  • Clubhouse Room Planner
  • Podcast Planner
  • Blog Planner
  • Email/Newsletter Planner
  • SMS/ Text Message Planner
  • Resource Release Schedule Planner

Get organized now and start planning your social posts, Clubhouse rooms, email newsletters, and product releases for 2022. This all-in-one, customizable tool helps you get your creative branded ideas in one space while also creating a release calendar for you to follow all year long.


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