Are you feeling: Disengaged? Unfulfilled? Antsy? Tired? Underappreciated? Undervalued? Underpaid? Unhappy? Over it?

It’s time to take control of your career!

The good news is, I’ve been where you are and created strategies to get myself out. The BETTER news? I’ve helped countless other professionals do the same! The Pivot Package will help us to enhance your strengths and discover how your skills and network can take you to your next level.

LEt's Talk

Okay, so you are overwhelmed...

You don’t really enjoy your job or maybe your company or let’s keep it real, BOTH. You’re tired of feeling unappreciated and overworked. You feel stagnant in your daily responsibilities, so at this point you’re going through the motions. You’re bored. You feel like you’re working only for a paycheck. Not quite paycheck to paycheck, but it feels that way after all of the effort you’ve exerted not wanting to be there.

Can I tell you a secret? It’s okay to feel that way, but you don’t have to live like this! You are an asset and you are beyond valuable. 

You may feel guilty about wanting more, but I’m here to tell you to stop! At this point in your life, you are reaching for full happiness. You deserve to be in a career that you love! You deserve to be happy starting your workday and love the environment you’re working within!

No more questioning your boss status or second-guessing your worth! I have spent years navigating industry shifts, building my network, and securing higher salaries with each jump. I’ve learned A LOT along the way and developed a strategy for success.

My career started shortly after graduating from college when my passion for fashion took me on a cross-country move to Los Angeles. I started working at a company that I KNEW was going take me down my dream career path, but after three years things changed. I found myself in a role that I hated and I dreaded going to work each day. If we’re being honest (and we always are), I CRIED myself to and from work every day. I was falling into depression and it was all stemming from my job. 

After a few weeks of this behavior, I told myself to snap out of it! I wouldn’t be able to get myself out of the situation if I was only committed to wallowing in it. I decided to take action! And that led to my first career pivot and industry shift. 

Since then, I’ve committed to always prioritizing my health and happiness within my career. I set my goals based on what I REALLY want, not what others want for me. I’ve made four industry shifts before the age of 35, leveling up at every turn. My career has taken me across the nation, partnering with celebrities that I could have only dreamed of and in industries that extended way beyond my degrees.

I operate in my career like I’m playing chess, not checkers and I’m here to help passionate mid-level professionals leverage their networks and skillsets to do the same.

What people say?

Bryana was a huge help throughout my job-seeking journey. She helped me successfully secure a role in a new field and coached me through the pivot. She guided me through the process of revamping my resume to make it more appealing for the roles I was searching for. Throughout the interview process, she worked with me to do interview prep and talked me through salary negotiations. After just a few sessions with Bryana I began to get calls for interviews when prior to us working together, I hadn’t gotten any callbacks. Her coaching played a huge role in helping me land a new job and I’m so grateful that she worked with me!
Maya H.
From Transportation Capacity Planner TO Associate Copywriter
Bryana guided me to my strengths and helped me to combine them with my passions. Thanks to her services, I have been able to navigate multiple industries, create impactful events, and expand my networks. During the pandemic she helped me find the spark I'd been missing in my work and life. Through our sessions I was able to create a path for myself and launched a Music Management and PR company. I currently have 5 clients and a really exciting forthcoming year. If you’re ready for the next step in your career or passion projects, I highly recommend working with Bry. She’s a gem!
Isra S.
From Business Development Lead, Operations to Talent Manager & Publicist

This Package Includes

LinkedIn Audit

LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for professionals and one of the best ways to highlight your desired career path. Together, we will make sure your page is ready to be seen and showcasing you in the best light possible.

Resume Critique & Revamp

If you want your resume to stand out it must speak the industry language of the hiring managers reading it. As you shift industries you will need to shift language and I am here to help you do it!

Cover Letter Creation

The cover letter is your opportunity to make your application stand out from the others. It's also a great way to tie your transferrable skills to your, new, desired role. It's essential! --And that's why it's a must within The Pivot Package!

Interview Preparation

Getting to the interview is half the battle-- but we didn't come all this way to only make it halfway! Learn interview tip and tricks to impress hiring managers and secure the bag.

6 Bi-weekly 1:1 sessions

We will meet virtually for six, 60-minute, sessions to be scheduled over a three-month period.

Support check-ins between sessions

I'm in your corner and here to support you! In between sessions, you will have full access to me to ask questions, review materials, or motivate you through the next steps of your strategy plan!

Our sessions will be jam-packed with important information to help you win! If you’re like me, you’ll want to watch them back to really soak in the conversation. That’s why I make sure to send you the recordings after each session.

What's Keeping You From Reaching Your Next Level?

Change can be scary, but with me in your corner the unknown becomes navigable. Together, we will use a system that has been tried and tested not only by myself several times but also my clients who have experienced what you’re feeling. We start off by analyzing your natural skills, learned skills, and review your work history. From there, we will talk about the roles and industries you’re interested in so that we can create a strategic plan and action steps to enhance your applications and position you as THE candidate.

The Pivot Package has exactly what you need to position you to win!


Most frequent questions and answers

Both coaching and therapy require certifications and training, however
therapy is geared for mental health and emotional support while coaching
is all about uplift while challenging you finding solutions.

Our calls will be 60 minutes in length and will usually have post-session homework to complete. I recommend setting aside an additional hour for assignments and personal reflection.

Women who are driven, passionate, and goal-oriented!

Women in a space where they feel stuck in their career and want to reach
that next level. They have the skills, passion and network but still something
is lacking.

Coaching hours are flexible but will mostly fall on evenings and weekends.

Yes! I currently offer Personal Coaching and Career Coaching

Click here to receive a client questionnaire and get scheduled for your
complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

When you’re a person of value there’s always an opportunity for you!