Are you feeling: Unfulfilled Stagnant Overlooked Complacent

It’s time to take control of your career!

Success doesn’t happen overnight but with the right strategy and support, it’s absolutely attainable. Take control of your career with the Promotion Package and get equipped for your next level. 

Are you happy at your company but feel STUCK in your position?
Do you STRUGGLE with networking and showcasing your strengths?
Are you ready for your upgrade but UNCLEAR on how to get there?

Feeling like you’re ready for a promotion but not having that validated by company leaders can be tough. You put in extra hours behind the scenes but aren’t recognized. If I asked you right now, you could share ideas you have for improving productivity levels within your company. The problem is you’re not in a position to implement or even delegate the changes. 

LEt's Be Honest...

It's time for a raise and a promotion!

— and sometimes that feels like it’s easier said than done. Thinking through the various outcomes for what could happen next after asking for a promotion or raise is tiring. Trust me, I’ve been there. How much should I ask for? How do I get them to pick me for the position? These thoughts are valid and can sometimes be overwhelming.

Over self-analysis is one of the key ways to impede your success. The desire for promotion can bring with it a certain level of anxiety. After all, what you want lies in the hands of someone else and is completely out of your hands. Or is it?  What if I told you, with my help, we can take control of your career and get you on the path to promotion? Let’s partner to create a personalized strategy to make sure your name is not just a name among other potential candidates, but the name.

I’ve been there before too. I’ve felt stuck in positions at companies where there appeared to be no opportunity for advancement. I’ve been in spaces where I needed to experience a shift.

But, I didn’t see the lack of opportunity as a dead end. In fact, each time I felt stuck in my career I saw it as a challenge to create my own career path. I shifted my priorities and my movements to yield promotion and success and found created every opportunity. You can shift. You can move. You 1000% can cultivate success!

It took a lot of self-reflection, honesty, and moments of challenging myself but once I took my career into my own hands and saw growth and success, I knew I was on the right path. With each shift after my first, my process became more and more refined. I’ve hit hiccups but like many of my clients, when we hit an obstacle, we bounce back, learn from it and keep it moving! 

The Promotion Package takes away the guesswork to getting to your next promotion and makes the strenuous process easier.

Are you ready for your next level?

What if I told you you have everything you need to be successful?

The only thing you need to do is get out of your own way! Shift your perspective, take a leap of faith, and know that God does not set us out there to fail. Your journey is uniquely your own but there are steps you can take to ensure the path is better lit. Your enhancement comes from trusting in yourself first and becoming strategic second.

The women I’ve worked with have felt all of the feelings you’re feeling now. That’s right, the anxiousness, doubt, fear, and even the uncertainty. What separates doubt and failure is the drive to keep going. There’s a custom career path, with new levels waiting for you. Let’s work together to get you there!

Successful Women Like You Said...

Bryana gave me actionable advice and helped me think about how to make the best of every experience—even the ones I didn't like—so that I could move toward a career/life path that I really wanted. I always felt like she cared how I was doing on an emotional level and always took the time to check in with me. She was also very good at helping me prioritize projects and giving me a new lens to see things through. Her guidance helped me grow and increased my drive to do the things to build a future that will make me happy.
Maribel L.
Content Strategist
Bryana empowered me to advocate for myself in the workplace and develop greater confidence in sharing my own knowledge and ideas.
Heather H.
Content Editor

This Package Includes

LinkedIn Audit

LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for professionals. You may be thinking that for an internal promotion your profile doesn't matter, but you're wrong. Leaders want to see that you are active and have a vision for yourself and the company. Let's make sure your page is ready to be seen and showcasing you in the best light possible.

Professional Etiquette Training

Whether you're working in the office or from home you have to look, act, and feel the part you're interested in playing. We will outline personalized etiquette to fit your work environment and help you WOW your team.

Spotlight Techniques

The leaders in upper management are the stakeholders for your next move. I will coach you on how to get on their radar and stay there!

6 Bi-weekly 1:1 sessions

We will meet virtually for six, 60-minute, sessions to be scheduled over a three month period.

Session audios/ transcripts

Our sessions will be jam-packed with important information to help you win! If you're like me, you'll want to watch them back to really soak in the conversation. That's why I make sure to send you the recordings after each session.

Support check-ins between sessions

I'm in your corner and here to support you! In between sessions, you will have full access to me to ask questions, review materials, or motivate you through the next steps of your strategy plan!


Most frequent questions and answers

Both coaching and therapy require certifications and training, however therapy is geared for mental health and emotional support while coaching is all about uplift while challenging you finding solutions.

Our calls will be 60 minutes in length and will usually have post-session homework to complete. I recommend setting aside an additional hour for assignments and personal reflection.

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Coaching hours are flexible but will mostly fall on evenings and weekends.

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complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

Are there additional coaching services available?

When you’re a person of value there’s always an opportunity for you!