Cool. Calm. Collected. (Weekly Affirmations & Actions for the Anxious Mind)


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Cool. Calm. Collected. are a collection of mindfulness cards designed to settle the anxious mind and body. Each card has an affirmation on one side and an action to help bring the affirmation to life on the other side. Each deck of cards comes complete with three colors representing the Cool. Calm. and Collected. categories.

Cool. – Free From Tension (Body): The Cool. cards are designed to help release tension from the body.

Calm. – Free From Overwhelm (Mind): The Calm. cards are designed to quiet the mind and help bring peace.

Collected. – Free From Fear (Soul): The Collected. cards are designed to keep you moving forward.

Each deck of 54 cards comes with a silk bag to keep them organized in your home.


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